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Sunday Services

Inaugural Address 01-03-21 AM
Status Quo Christianity 01-03-21 PM
2021 Theme Introduction [Prayer] 01-10-21 AM
Introduction to Philippians 01-10-21 PM
The Purpose of Prayer 01-17-21 AM
Philippians 1:3-8 01-17-21 PM
Unchangeable Circumstances 01-24-21 AM
Paul's Prayer for The Philippian Church 01-24-21 PM
Persistence in Prayer 02-07-21 AM
Paul's Perspective on Persecution 02-07-21 PM
Left Thy First Love 02-14-21 AM
Paul's Declaration and Dilemma 02-14-21 PM
The Prayer That Shook A Nation 02-21-21 AM
Paul's Exhortation to Stand 02-21-21 PM
The Prayer Life of Jesus 02-28-21 AM
Paul's Plea for Humility and Unity 02-28-21 PM
Missionary Lawrence Bowman 03-07-21 AM
Christ's Example of Humility 03-07-21 PM
The Forerunner of Christ 03-14-21 AM
Why Win Souls? 03-14-21 PM
Christ's Baptism and Introduction to Ministry 03-21-21 AM
God's Method for Church Growth 03-21-21 PM
The Two Comings of Christ 03-28-21 AM
The Gospel 03-28-21 PM
Discoveries at the Tomb 04-04-21 AM
The Lord's Supper 04-04-21 PM
The Temptation of Christ 04-11-21 AM
Practical Truths for Ministering Saints (Part 1) 04-11-21 PM
The Calling of the Disciples 04-18-21 AM
Pratical Truths for Ministering Saints (Part 2) 04-18-21 PM
Christ's First Miracle 04-25-21 AM
Encouraging testimonies of Faithful Men 04-25-21 PM
Paul's Warning to the Church 05-02-21 PM
Lessons From a Godly Mother 05-09-21 AM
Paul's Testimony 05-09-21 PM
Jesus The Great Soul Winner 05-16-21 AM
Paul's Desires 05-16-21 PM
The Nobleman's Son 05-23-21 AM
Paul's Pursuit 05-23-21 PM
Memorials 05-30-21 AM
Philippians 3:15-21 05-30-21 PM
Blessed are The Poor in Spirit 06-06-21 AM
Blessed are The Meek 06-13-21 AM
Paul's Final Exhortations (Don't Worry) 06-13-21 PM
Guaranteed Satisfaction 06-20-21 AM
Paul's Final Exhortations (Think Correctly) 06-20-21 PM
Pastor Emeritus David Warner 06-27-21 AM
Pastor Emeritus David Warner 06-27-21 PM
Paul's Final Exhortations (Live Correctly) 07-04-21 PM
Blessed are the Merciful 07-11-21 AM
Paul's Commendation and Final Remarks 07-11-21 PM
Blessed are the Pure in Heart 07-18-21 AM
Reminders 07-18-21 PM